About Danielle Yukari

Danielle Yukari is a Japanese-Brazilian artist currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Her work explores the craft and the repetitive gestures involved in the ceramics practice or any other craft activity, with the production of functional objects that often feel like sculptures and sculptures that can be repurposed into practical tools.

Yukari's research comes from the everyday life, it is all about colors, exploring shapes and textures, landscapes, little drawings, how an artwork can activate spaces it is inserted and people around them.

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2024 Islands and Seas Art-Salon, Helsinki, FI
2023 Build Big Alumni Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA
2021 Navy Studio Group Show, New York, USA


2024 Paimio Sanatorium, Paimio, Finland
2023 High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, USA


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Portrait by Ye Rin Mok