Act of experimenting time through the work with hands, with each stitch of knitting and sewing. This performance wants to provoke a crossing/displacement at the time of people who walk on the street, making them think about sensible time in relation to chronological time and its connection with manual work.

Experience I
4 days, total of 8 hours, at Casa do Povo, Bom Retiro - São Paulo, Brazil.

Experience II
2 days, total of 4 hours, at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, Bom Retiro - São Paulo, Brazil.

Experience III
12 days, a total of 24 hours, as part of the program "Fora da Moda" SESC Ipiranga. Locations: inside SESC, during "Virada Cultural 2016", an event supported by the government of São Paulo and at Sacomã bus terminal - São Paulo, Brazil.

Concept and performance: Danielle Yukari and Gabriela Cherubini